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Learn how Jodi recovered from her pain at OHP!
Jodi has no pain!
Dan lost 20lbs and has better control of his diabetes!
OHP helped Dan lose 20lbs!
OHP programs helped Jerry and Sharon when other programs did not work
OHP programs helped Jerry and Sharon
Sharon lost almost 40 pounds and 3 dress sizes at OHP in one year!
Sharon lost almost 40 pounds and 3 dress sizes at OHP in one year!
Mary has lowered her blood sugars and lowered her blood pressure at OHP!
Mary has lowered her blood sugars and lowered her blood pressure at OHP
Carole's confidence, balance, stamina and strength have all improved!
Carole's confidence, balance, stamina and strength have all improved!
Bob came to Brian to work on his hip and knee pain:

"[Brian] has a knowledge of physiology. He takes the time to learn what the issues are. I don't think he has a predetermined notion of what to do when going into a training relationship. Some trainers are totally focused on weight training and want to build mass, others are focused on aerobics and losing weight. Brian has a good balance and that was really the rationality of me selecting him and being happy with his service."

Brittney changed her shape and gained strength!

They call it the freshman 15 and every girl goes into college thinking it won't hit them, but a lot of times it does - and then some! Four years of parties, drinking, sporadic exercise, and a diet that consisted of bread, pasta, ramen, and ice cream left me feeling flabby and tired. Getting a real job that required consistent sleep and scheduled eating made it even more apparent to me how my fatigue was not normal. I made a change in October of 2012 by going on a diet program that helped me to shed 23 pounds of excess body fat. I felt amazing but when I looked in the mirror I saw a "skinny fat" girl. I was thin but needed to put some shape back into my body.

I was referred to Brian Waldo at Renegade Fitness and was eager to learn how to strength train. My idea up to that point of a workout was 20 minutes on an elliptical feeling a moderate burn, maybe sweating, and then calling it a day...or a week. I was essentially clueless in the weight room. Brian started me out with some basic strength training that helped to correct muscular imbalances he had noticed during my fitness assessment. The exercises also prepared me for more difficult ones to come. I was tired of feeling weak at only 23 years old. I looked fairly athletic, but when it came time for me to run more than a mile I was left winded and doing a set of 10 pushups set my arms on fire.

My workouts progressed every 1 to 2 months and I learned a lot about how to know when to increase weight or repetitions of my exercises. I felt more engaged during my workouts being able to feel myself getting stronger each week. After a couple months I had decided I needed a goal to keep myself accountable to my workouts, and something to make it all worth the effort - more than just being able to look good. At first I considered races - 10k's, a half marathon, something cardiovascular. This didn't exactly align with my training however and I wanted something I knew I'd enjoy. I stumbled across a website explaining the different divisions of women's physique & bodybuilding competitions. I looked at it more out of humorous curiosity than true interest, but when I read more about the bikini division (new in the past few years) I was hooked!

Brittney KnokeBrittney Knoke
What a fun way to motivate myself to workout hard, eat healthy, and stay committed by competing in a physique show where I could take the stage! When I told Brian about my goal he was on board right away. I set to work learning a variety of strength training routines that Brian designed and would change up every 6-8 weeks. He provided me with invaluable support and answered some of my dietary questions as the competition preparation continued. He helped me keep my sanity by testing my body fat every few weeks when I'd lost my perspective and couldn't always tell if I was going to make it to my goal. When I started working with Brian my body fat was around 20% and through the months to follow I made it to 15% for the day of competition.

It was an amazing experience that I'll never forget. Knowing I have the power to transform my body is empowering. I not only saw the results, but felt them too! My strength is much improved and I no longer feel weak inside. I can lift heavier weights, am proud to be in the weight room at my gym, and even got to take home a first place trophy for my class! I couldn't have done it without the training and support from Brian & Renegade Fitness.

Jerry and his wife have been training with Brian for six years:

"Brian is outstanding. Working with the trainer is key to being motivated. We see him as a package deal. If you want to know why a particular exercise was included, Brian knows. He can explain completely why you are doing what you are doing. Right away he knows what we are talking about [when discussing ailments]. He has a wealth of experience. Brian is respectful, and attentive. He works very, very well with people."

Sharon says Brian has changed her life for the better

Before and after pictures of SharonBefore and After pictures of Sharon
"Brian Waldo has changed my life. Not only have I experienced a complete change in my body in five months, but I now feel like I can conquer just about any challenge in my life. He is educated, compassionate and supportive -everything I could've asked for in a trainer. I now know how to eat healthy. And I actually enjoy exercising rather than fear it. I'm so thankful that he has shared these very important life skills with me. And I vow to utilize them for decades to come."

Ginny's goal was to create a more well-rounded workout experience:

"Brian is thorough. He trains the whole self, 100% taking care of the individual - not cookie cutter. After my surgery, we worked on a recovery workout he called 'careful for stitches'. He always remembers details and thinks about the next step. He is kind and cares about you. He speaks softly but walks with a big step."

Richard J. received special help and expertise from Brian

"I have known Brian Waldo for 5 or 6 years and used his personal training services on 3 occasions. In each situation, his interest in my particular physical problem and me as a person was very assuring.

The first problem was just a sprained shoulder due to a fall at Life Time Fitness when I tripped on a pile of floor mats. He demonstrated the type of exercises I should use, and that was all I needed. The other problems were due to spinal stenosis conditions in the lumber area of my spine. The first symptom developed in early 2008 and the second in Aug. 2009. Both resulted in having to use a cane for several months and I used his expertise in performing iso metric exercises of the legs involved.

The program with Brian was beneficial in that the strength of my right leg has improved such that I could stop using the cane. Needless to say, I am grateful for that."

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