Stretching right is important!

Corrective Stretches

Adductors: feet are staggered heel to toe, then begin with pulling in your abdominals and tucking your pelvis under, keep hips square, shift body weight forward and to the side of which your leg is in front of your body. Feel the stretch in your inner thigh. Hold 20-30 seconds, Repeat.

Crossover 1: While lying on your back, cross your legs, if your right leg is on top, swing your legs to the left, keeping your shoulders down and the under- foot on the ground, feel the stretch in your glute and hip area. Hold 20-30 seconds, Repeat.

Gastrocnemius: Facing the wall, step forward with one leg. Tighten your abdomen, tuck pelvis under, the foot that is in back should be turned inward. Then move your hips and shoulders forward together until you feel a stretch in your calf. Hold 20-30 sec, Repeat.

Hip Flexors: Begin with kneeling. If kneeling on your right leg, begin with abdomen pulled inward at the navel, tuck pelvis under (posterior pelvic tilt), squeeze glutes on the side your leg is down and move hips forward. Simultaneously reach to the ceiling and side bend away from the down leg. Feel the stretch in the front of the thigh and hip. Hold 20-30 sec and repeat.

Hip Flexor 2: Same as (Hip Flexors) noted above, except when side bending the trunk , add rotation turning out about the down leg. Hold 20-30 seconds, repeat.

Latissimus Dorsi: Begin kneeling, hand over a stability ball or chair, thumb up. Then tuck pelvis under and reach out over the ball with hand resting on the ball until feeling the stretch in mid to low back and slightly in your arm. Hold 20-30 seconds and Repeat.

Levator Scapulae: (Stretching left side) Begin with arms behind back, grab left arm with right hand, pull firmly down toward floor. Then side bend your head to the left and nod downward. Move slowly and with caution. Feel the stretch behind neck and down to shoulder blade. Hold 20-30 sec, and repeat.

Pectoralis Major: Stand in doorway, at the corner of a wall or near poststationary object. Raise arm to post such that the shoulder and arm are at 90 degrees. Tighten abdomen, and then if the right arm is up on wall, rotate to the left! Hold 20-30 sec, repeat.

Scalenes: Begin with arms behind you. If stretching left, proceed to holding left arm in right hand and pull toward the floor, then side bend to the right, followed by looking or nodding up. (Keep your chin in line with the center of your body. Look up to stretch in front of neck from jaw line to shoulder bone (clavicle) . Hold 20-30 sec, repeat.

Soleus: Approaching the wall, place hands on the wall, step back with one leg, foot turned in to opposite heel. Then tuck pelvis under and drop hips toward the floor. You should feel this stretch in the lower heel. Hold 20-20 seconds, repeat.

Trapezius: Begin with hands behind you and if stretching your left side… then grab your left hand with right and pull toward floor. Bend head and neck to the right feeling the stretch on top of shoulder and trapezius. Hold 20-30 Sec, repeat.

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