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Miracle Juices and Weight Loss - Fact or Fiction?

There has been advertisement after advertisement promoting weight loss benefits of various berry drinks on the market. They all seem to have similarities, but most common is the claim of weight loss. The misconception is that drinking this juice or berry bi-product will lead to
weight loss. Are you kidding me?

So let me see, you have tried working out, you have tried South Beach, you have tried Atkins, you have tried Fat Busters or some other method of losing weight? These did not work and now you're going to drink a juice and magically the weight will melt off? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but that is very unlikely.

These potions DO NOT WORK!

So please do not fall for all the ads, the sensationalism on the internet, etc. claiming to provide weight loss results. Yes, there are some benefits to Acacia Berry and others like it. Some of those benefits are:

1) Helps you reach the recommended 3000 to 5000 daily ORAC units, with 3764 ORAC units per serving. (Read more regarding ORAC Scores.)

2) Fights free radicals with a high proprietary blend of unique antioxidants from grapes.

3) Supports healthy circulation and immunity, and provides the nutrient support for healthier looking skin.

If you notice most of these programs come with a cleanse program of some sort. Again, for many, a cleanse can be beneficial and having structure can be helpful. However, actually changing your lifestyle, what and how you eat on a daily basis, will be the most effective. At least 60-70% of a person's weight loss comes from self motivated discipline and determination.

If you do lose weight after a cleanse (which is not a guarantee) the juice did not do it for you!

I have and do recommend cleanse programs followed by continued clean eating of whole foods, adequate protein and healthy fats. I would argue that most of the folks that have had dramatic weight loss have made other changes in their lifestyle that ultimately led to weight loss. So the answer is... fiction! They do not directly affect weight loss. I challenge anyone to show me a well designed clinical or academic study that shows that in and of itself, these products aid in weight loss.

So, like I said in previous blogs, do you have a plan you believe in? Do you believe you can make the changes in your life? Do you believe you have the support needed? If not, develop a plan, write down your goals, get the support and make a plan you believe in! For comments or questions you can reach me at or

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