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Heel Pain!

So you wake up in the morning.. stretch, yawn and decide it is time to jump out of bed. To your surprise when your foot hits the ground you have pain that makes you want to scream! Why? Why you? Why now? How do I get rid of this?

It is possible for heel pain to be from a fracture, neurological condition or arthritic type pain. It is more common to exist as plantar fasciitis according to Mayo Clinic health related articles http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/search/search.

Typically, pain develops slowly. However, it is possible to have a quick onset. Once you're up moving around if the pain typically is lessened or goes away you probably have Plantar Fasciitis. Risk factors for developing this condition are: being overweight, poor fitting shoes (find out how to determine good fitting shoes at www.brianwaldo.blogspot.com), excessive overtraining, trauma to the foot (say from spring shoveling..)etc.

It is not uncommon for recovery to take up to 6 months. I have personally seen podiatrists (foot specialists) make some pretty dramatic changes in symptoms just by adjusting foot orthotics. Dr. Paul Langer a local Twin Cities DPM or Podiatrist has a first ever book dealing with many foot and ankle conditions. You can view information at http://paullangerdpm.com/. Dr. Langers' book, "Great Feet for Life" is a fantastic resource. He has helped many of my clients and is an experienced runner himself! Better yet, a doctor who understands an active lifestyle! Dr. Langers' website has some interesting blogs as well, regarding foot and heel pain.

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